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hot or not wordpress plugin

This wordpress plugins adds a radio button to the comment form so users can tell if a post is hot or not. Depending on the value that is chosen, another css class is added to comment .

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Download the Hot Or Not plugin here
    Unzip this file into the /wp- content/plugins/ folder.

  3. Adding the radionbutton group to the comment form.
  4. This radiobutton has to be added in the < form > tag of the comments. You can find this somewere at the bottom of your "template/comments.php" file. It looks something like this.

    1. <form action="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">

    You have to paste the code below in that form.

    1.   <input name="hon_group" type="radio" /> Yes
    2.   <input name="hon_group" CHECKED="true" type="radio" /> no
    3.  </p>

  5. Dynamically add the class to the comment
  6. In the beginning of that same file, there is a php foreach statement to print all comments.

    1. <?php foreach ($comments as $comment) ?>

    A bit further in the file you have to add the hotornot class to the listitem:

    1. li id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>" class="<?php print $comment->css ?>">

  7. Activate the plugin
  8. Active the plugin in the admin "Plugins" screen in wordpress.

  9. Change the css style of your comments
  10. You can do this in the template/style.css file.

    .vote_hot {style.css (line 692)
    border-top:1px dotted #006600;

    .vote_not {style.css (line 699)
    border-top:1px dotted #F5857E;

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  1. Hi, Is there a demo of this plugin anywhere?


  2. hello, I have some question.

    how I can count the votes (totals, positives and negatives)?

    how I can show the votes like in your example ?

    thanks !!

  3. The query below is used to join the hot or not table with the comments table. Then you should be able to find the totals / positives / negatives.

    SELECT vote FROM tblcomments_hon INNER JOIN tblcomments chon ON chon.comment_ID = tblcomments_hon.comment_id WHERE chon.comment_post_ID = ‘$post_id’ AND $tblcomments_hon.comment_id =’$commentid’

    You can then use this data to fill an chart.

  4. Unfortunately, I do not see the “hot or not” wordpress plugin…..can you please point me to the url for it?
    Thank you

  5. Hello, but where is the ‘download’?

  6. Seems there was an error with a plugin.

    Download link is active again.

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